Blog posts about the Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mysteries and their author Rabbi Ilene Schneider

I can hear you now: “Why should I buy Talking Dirty – in Yiddish? After all, I already own the original Talk Dirty Yiddish: Beyond Drek. Okay, so this book bills itself as a ‘revised, expanded’ edition, but what’s different besides the title and cover?”

I’m glad you asked. Here is one reason per night of Chanukah:

First, the book is expanded – by an extra 100 pages.

Second, it includes alphabetical glossaries of Yiddish words, phrases, and sayings with their English translations.

Third, there are new stories, explanations, jokes, and anecdotes.

Fourth, where else will you find all the “Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews” in one place, compiled from various sources online (with proper attribution, of course)?

Fifth, it includes links to YouTube videos on such topics as the mangling of the pronunciation of such words as “chutzpah,” and of various people’s attempts to define Yiddish words.

Sixth, it includes real life examples of Yiddish words that are used and misused in casual (and not so casual) conversations and in mainstream media (newspapers, radio ads, TV shows, movies, comic strips).

Seventh, at some point in 2018, it will be available not only as a paperback, as it is now, but as a hard cover and on Kindle.

Eighth, it’s still perfect for a Chanukah gift, stocking stuffer, house warming present, and bathroom reader.


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