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“Miami Snow,” winner of Public Safety Writers Association best published short story of 2012, originally published in Mysterical-E, Fall, 2013: [republished in Kings River Life: ]

“Peanut Butter and Glitter,” originally published in Suspense Magazine, October, 2015: [republished in Kings River Life:]

“Perfect,” PSWA winner for best published flash fiction, 2013, and among top ten entries in Lee Loftland’s Golden Donut Entries, 2013, posted at:

“We Were Slaves,” originally published in Kings River Life, Dec. 29, 2018:


In time for Yomim Nora’im (the Days of Awe) and Yom Kippur itself, the Kindle edition of the 3rd Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mystery, YOM

KILLER, is on a limited time special sale for 99¢.

Buy it now so you’ll have one fewer regret to atone for. 😉