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I decided to take the easy way out. Instead of writing a new blog entry, I would just cut-and-paste a few random status updates from my Facebook page. Of course, culling through all the posts (and I didn’t bother with comments I’ve made about others’ messages) took far more time than it would have to compose a new entry.

I know that not everyone who reads my blog is a Facebook friend, so these may be new to some of you. I have to admit, though, I was surprised at just how few there were, especially considering all the time I waste … I mean, spend … on FB.

Random thought of the day: If we don’t accept “God told me to do it” as a defense in a criminal case (unless the plea is insanity) or for acts of terrorism, why do we (well, some people anyway) accept it as a valid reason to run for political office?

Puzzle of the day: why is marijuana a controlled substance when there is a far more addictive product sold openly on the streets by roving bands of preteens? I refer, of course, to Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies.

Pet peeve of the day: the phrases “Jewish synagogue” and “Jewish rabbi.” Are there any other kinds?

Thoreau: “Beware all enterprises that require new clothes.” Schneider: “Beware all events that require panty hose.”

There are 2 things in a description of a movie that will guarantee I won’t see it: vampires & zombies. 3 things: vampires, zombies, ghosts. Make it 4: horror. Ok, 5: graphic violence. Unless, of course, the words “Star Trek” or “Star Wars” are in the title. [In the comments that followed, I noted “Of course, always exceptions: I loved ‘Topper’ (both the original movie & classic TV series). Add ‘comedy’ or ‘humor’ or ‘parody’ to any of my dislikes, and I may reconsider. And I’m addicted to ‘Game of Thrones’ (books & TV series) despite its containing just about every genre I’m not a fan of.”]

I am so tired of being parked between two SUVs in a busy parking lot, and not being able to back out because I can’t see around them to look for approaching cars. If I ever own a store or mall – highly unlikely -I will have a section designated for oversized vehicles. Violators will be sentenced to six months of driving a Mini-Cooper.

Saw “The Big Year.” Am now inspired to lose 50 lbs., go to a gym, get both arthritic knees replaced, find a way to cure my spinal stenosis, conquer my fear of heights, learn to tolerate extremes of heat and cold, & find an extra $50,000. Think I’ll go to Cape May instead.