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I decided to take the easy way out. Instead of writing a new blog entry, I would just cut-and-paste a few random status updates from my Facebook page. Of course, culling through all the posts (and I didn’t bother with comments I’ve made about others’ messages) took far more time than it would have to compose a new entry.

I know that not everyone who reads my blog is a Facebook friend, so these may be new to some of you. I have to admit, though, I was surprised at just how few there were, especially considering all the time I waste … I mean, spend … on FB.

Random thought of the day: If we don’t accept “God told me to do it” as a defense in a criminal case (unless the plea is insanity) or for acts of terrorism, why do we (well, some people anyway) accept it as a valid reason to run for political office?

Puzzle of the day: why is marijuana a controlled substance when there is a far more addictive product sold openly on the streets by roving bands of preteens? I refer, of course, to Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies.

Pet peeve of the day: the phrases “Jewish synagogue” and “Jewish rabbi.” Are there any other kinds?

Thoreau: “Beware all enterprises that require new clothes.” Schneider: “Beware all events that require panty hose.”

There are 2 things in a description of a movie that will guarantee I won’t see it: vampires & zombies. 3 things: vampires, zombies, ghosts. Make it 4: horror. Ok, 5: graphic violence. Unless, of course, the words “Star Trek” or “Star Wars” are in the title. [In the comments that followed, I noted “Of course, always exceptions: I loved ‘Topper’ (both the original movie & classic TV series). Add ‘comedy’ or ‘humor’ or ‘parody’ to any of my dislikes, and I may reconsider. And I’m addicted to ‘Game of Thrones’ (books & TV series) despite its containing just about every genre I’m not a fan of.”]

I am so tired of being parked between two SUVs in a busy parking lot, and not being able to back out because I can’t see around them to look for approaching cars. If I ever own a store or mall – highly unlikely -I will have a section designated for oversized vehicles. Violators will be sentenced to six months of driving a Mini-Cooper.

Saw “The Big Year.” Am now inspired to lose 50 lbs., go to a gym, get both arthritic knees replaced, find a way to cure my spinal stenosis, conquer my fear of heights, learn to tolerate extremes of heat and cold, & find an extra $50,000. Think I’ll go to Cape May instead.


  1. I could not agree more especially the SUV comment! I always park way out in the lot (to get exercise and get away from them), but darn if when I go to the car I am still surrounded by huge SUVs.

    • Melissar22:
      I have at times been tempted to give in and buy an SUV. But at 5′ and shrinking, I can’t get into (or out of) those darn things without a stepladder. And I’m too clumsy to use a stepladder.

  2. Enjoyed your reflections enough to make me want to see more of your facebook comments. Debra

  3. Not on Facebook said:

    I’m not on Facebook yet and also found these comments very interesting.

    I think my penalty for SUVs parking in car slots would be worse even than driving a Mini Cooper if I am in charge of it all. We’ve decided we might as well park by the SUVs ourselves because as you say they will be there when you are ready to leave anyway. There is some kind of tax writeoff they get for buying these gas hog menaces and we all need to pow-wow with our pols to get that changed IMHO.

    Going to Cape May was a great idea. I’ve always wanted to do so!

    • There should be a tax penalty, not write off! And get thee to Cape May – it’s a terrific spot. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to get there for a while. What’s ironic is it’s further from where I live than NYC, but I think nothing of going to Cape May for a day, while I think nothing about NYC.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed your humor, Ilene. More power to you!

    Chris Roerden

  5. Guess you covered about EVERY irritation except telephone soliciters at dinnertime,…or long commercials every five minutes during a good movie… or cats that run into my yard and beat up my cat… or people who come to my door promoting their Faith which is supposed to trump mne… or… maybe your did miss a few. But I do agree with all your pet peeves! LOL

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