Blog posts about the Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mysteries and their author Rabbi Ilene Schneider


FYI to fans of TALK DIRTY YIDDISH: I have had the rights to the book returned to me. It will still be available online until the inventory is sold out. (And, of course, in stores that carry it and haven’t sold out, but those stores won’t be able to order additional copies.) At the moment, the major site that still has copies for sale is Barnes and Noble (

I plan to edit the book (and delete a repeated paragraph that snuck into the original, despite professional editing), and add an index of words and phrases at the back. (The publisher didn’t allow one because it didn’t fit with the formatting of the other books in the series.)

It will eventually be reissued in a 2nd edition with a different cover (I couldn’t get the rights to the original), probably as a self-published book and e-book.

I’ll let everyone know when the new edition is “live.”

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