Blog posts about the Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mysteries and their author Rabbi Ilene Schneider


I don’t check Amazon all that often, and serendipitously did today. A new 4-star review was posted on Sunday. My heartfelt thanks to Dindy Robinson, former publisher at Swimming Kangaroo Press, for being the first to have faith in me. After receiving her email accepting the manuscript of CHANUKAH GUILT (10 years ago!), I knew how Sally Fields felt when she gushed, “You like me! You really like me!”

“I used to read a lot of cozies, but in recent years have gone more for police procedurals. However, Unleavened Dead has everything I like in a cozy: a strong heroine with a sense of humor, a believable plot, an interesting premise, and zany characters. Unleavened Dead is the second Aviva Cohen mystery (full disclosure, in another life I owned a publishing company that published the first Aviva Cohen mystery, Chanukah Guilt).

“Aviva is a rabbi of a fairly small congregation, surrounded by lots of colorful characters, including her former husband, the interim police chief, her niece and her niece’s partner/soon-to-be wife (Sherry), and members of the congregation. When Sherry comes under suspicion of driving the car that hit and killed the director of the department of the local college from which Sherry had just been fired, Aviva goes into full sleuth mode to find out the truth.

“The book is a fun read, told with lots of humor and a believable plot. Rabbi Aviva Cohen may not be Rabbi David Small, but she comes pretty close!”

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