Blog posts about the Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mysteries and their author Rabbi Ilene Schneider

Glad you asked. Last Monday, I posted the following on FB. Things since then haven’t changed much.
Let’s see. I just spent the last 8 hours in Starbucks going through all the financial records & trying to find an updated membership list for the Burlington County Natural Sciences Club; then formatted & scheduled for a Wednesday midnight posting a guest blogger’s submission for my blog site; then updated the email list & posted info. about 2 upcoming programs sponsored by the Friends of the Evesham Township Library; then started to read (& coincidentally proofread) a soon-to-be-published mystery so I can write a back cover blurb and a review. In between, I checked & answered email, scrolled through FB, & checked my Amazon rankings (ugh). New book? What new book? (It’s a good thing I retired.)

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