Blog posts about the Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mysteries and their author Rabbi Ilene Schneider

I may not have a manuscript ready to go, but I do have ideas for the future adventures of Rabbi Aviva Cohen.

Book #3,Yom Killer: Aviva’s mother falls forward, hits her forehead on edge of toilet. It’s suspected she had a stroke. But then, why does she have a wound in the shape and size of the proverbial blunt instrument on the back of her head?

Book #4, High Holy Daze: No, not about medicinal (or other) marijuana. Aviva is looking through a trunk full of old books in the attic of a synagogue building that’s about to be razed. On the bottom are human bones.

Book #5, unnamed: An assistant rabbi’s contract isn’t renewed. His supporters are angry and plan to leave and form a new synagogue with him as their rabbinic leader. But then he is found murdered.

#6-?, unnamed: Aviva retires, becomes the rabbi of a cruise line; she becomes the pelagic version of Jessica Fletcher, with bodies showing up wherever she is. I am going to greatly enjoy doing the research for these books.



  1. I will look forward to future stories of Aviva. I hope to get to the second book soon.

  2. Hurry and write them—your fans re waiting. Toby and Bill Gottfried

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