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As some of you may be aware (I’ve complained about it enough), my publisher is having problems getting Amazon to list the 2nd edition of Chanukah Guilt correctly. If you search on my name or on the title, you will be linked to the correct page for Kindle and for the large print versions, but the only page for the trade paperback is the original, which is out of print but being sold (possible illegally) as used by Walker Books, Australia. The only way to link to the correct trade paperback is to search specifically for CHANUKAH GUILT SECOND EDITION.

Amazon sent an email with a convoluted explanation of why the 2nd version doesn’t show up, having to do (I think – I have a doctorate and had trouble understanding the reasoning) with sales and rank. Of course, there are no sales or rank, because people can’t find the book.

If, however, enough people look for the 2nd edition, it might possibly move into the proper spot in the Amazon search engine.

Here’s my favor. Please go to the page for the second edition ( You don’t need to purchase the book (although it would be nice) or leave a review (although it would be nice). Just stay on the page for a few minutes.

It might not work, but it can’t hurt. Of course, with Amazon, who knows?

Thank you.

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  1. I followed the link and left it open for a few minutes. I also clicked “add to my wish list”, and also checked “yes” for several of the already posted reviews being helpful. I have it on my kindle, but it is the first edition, and it is in my TBR. When I read it, I will post a review. Right now I am in the middle of the Adrian McKinty Trouble Trilogy which is outstanding (Police Procedural Mystery set in Northern Ireland in the early 1980s).
    Had hoped to go to the Heislerville Bird Walk tomorrow, but not if the wind is like what it is now. Whew!
    I hope these actions were helpful.

    • Thank you! And I hope you enjoy the book. It looks as though the blitz may be helping.

      I’d love to get to Heislerville, too, but not sure about the walking. It’s not the wind; it’s the knees!

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