Blog posts about the Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mysteries and their author Rabbi Ilene Schneider


Every now and then (more then than now), I run a Google search on myself. Sometimes, I’ll even find a mention I hadn’t seen before. Today, I discovered a nice mention of CHANUKAH GUILT (with a side mention of UNLEAVENED DEAD) in an article about recommended Chanukah books in the November 2013 edition of The NEW HAMPSHIRE JEWISH REPORTER
(‎, p. 10). My thanks to reviewer Merle Carrus. She wrote in part:

Chanukah is the jumping off point for Chanukah Guilt … [The author’s], mysteries are similar to the popular Rabbi Small series by Harry Kemelman, “The Day the Rabbi….”

These light, entertaining mysteries are solved by a local small town rabbi, while also introducing the members of the rabbi’s congregation and teaching a little bit about a Jewish holiday …. If you enjoy this book, look for another by Rabbi Schneider: Unleavened Dead, a Passover-based mystery.





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