Blog posts about the Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mysteries and their author Rabbi Ilene Schneider

Michelle Perin, Chairperson of the Public Safety Writers Association Writing Contest, which awarded 1st place to UNLEAVENED DEAD, emailed me her comments. I have her permission to plaster them all over the ether.

“Judge’s Comments:
What a wonderful story. Although I didn’t know many of the words and the customs weaved into this novel, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by learning them. I felt pulled into a whole new world. The plot was interesting and the characters unique. I liked this story from the beginning to the end.”

Thank you, Michelle. Your check is in the mail. (Joke! Really! It’s a joke! I don’t mess with someone who spent Saturday running for 2 miles, doing yoga, then powerwalking for 2 miles; and then on Sunday ran for 4 miles and then went to the gym and did an arm workout. Whatever that means. I don’t think she was referring to lifting spoonsful of ice cream from a gallon container to her mouth.)

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